I created the rotoscope on Photoshop and added the sound effects using Adobe Premiere Pro



Adventurous tale of April Maele


This story is about 31 year old April Maele and her team of 2 scientists and their journey to Treasure Island and how one of her team members get held up by the guarding crocodile and the other stays on the boat to guard while April approaches the X that marks the spot.

I’ve kept my storyboard short because in the end my group chose my team members, Liam’s, story.




The link above is for my presentation before editing and after feedback. I got suggested to add more images and that perhaps the double exposure idea was too obvious, and that the idea of having text over images sounds interesting. The following is edited.

C+D edited

The things I’ve changed/tweaked is my idea. Instead of having double exposure images, I’ll be placing The Ode in English and in Maori one language per image which also means instead of having 3 A3 sized images I’ll be having 2 instead. My images will be addressing “We will remember them” them referring to the soldiers. And I also have provided examples/inspiration.

Storyworld’s Essay

Although all presentations by all lecturers were amazing and inspiring the ones that reached out to me were Allan McDonald and Paula Buckley.

Leaving high school I left with passion and determination to one day be a photographer. I had the passion to capture peoples greatest life milestones in event photography and to help portray and retell stories through documentary photography. That’s why I found Allan to be one of my new inspirations.

Allan mentions that he repudiates the idea that documentary photography is objective and I agree. Documentary photography is subjective, for example, you don’t walk up to a highly respected monumental and take photographs and expect it to be a heart filled feeling when you look at it. You have to learn the history and put in the passion to capture the right shot in the right way for the image to relay the story or at least that’s my opinion on it.

Allan also mentions “Silences of a compliant generation post war and post depression” and how he created photographs from an 18-year-old perspective and how to find a voice. Allan gravitated towards Vietnam protests that happened in the 70s. His republishing of his images offered a more reflective stance when it was published last year. Allan also mentioned something that made a lot of sense to me and I agree with it, it also describes my passion for photography, ” photography has this ability to bounce back through time and space”. This summarises my opinion and passion for photography. It has that ability to capture something that someone can use to go back in time and remember or see the stories as if they were there. Allan says going through the process iteration just reworking his earlier works echoes his appreciation of how history is constructed.

Leaving high school I left with passion and determination to one day be a photographer. I had the passion to capture peoples greatest life milestones in event photography and to help portray and retell stories through documentary photography. That’s why I found Allan to be one of my new inspirations.My previous works have mainly of personal subject matter like religious items, family photos, and my music. The places that inspire me to be a photographer is beaches like Mission Bay Beach, Albert Park in Auckland city or parks in general and Devonport Tunnels because places like these it shows the true natural beauty and they tell stories of the past like how the rings inside trees signify the amount of time they have existed. Although these places are my favorites, I’m inspired by everything and everywhere my inspiration isn’t constricted to these places.

Although my area of practice isn’t product design, Paula Buckley’s intentions with project design are something similar with what I hope one-day spreading awareness on issues, whereas Paula creates products that can eliminate or help these problems as much as she can. She mentioned how “Product Design can have a profound effect on changing peoples lives”.

Paula’s work is mainly non-commercial health care/supporting services of councils, the police etc. Paula states how observation is a key to the process, how she watched and noted how her great aunt was struggling to use utensils because she had severe arthritis. Paula started looking at different ways and other materials that could retain the memory of grip and different particles that could maintain shape. She collaborated with the science dept product testing through Waitakere Health. The first ever was a 3D printed stainless stead made in New Zealand.
Paula also helped create a breaking seal for bottle tops instead of a peal seal for those elderly, stroke and arthritis victims who lack the basic motor skills and strength, and an underwater drone with her partner.

This ambition Paula has to help relieve problems and issues that people don’t realize is the same ambitions that I hope I one day can have to help raise awareness using my area of interest not necessary medical area but in general.

Word Count: 681

C+D Write up

The word I anonymously chose was “Ascend” which in other words means to rise. I started off with 30 digital works using Photoshop and Illustrator. The reason why I chose the pins that I did on my ” C+D in class digital” board on Pinterest is that I liked some of the ideas given and how they slightly portrayed the word “ascend” and they also inspired other ideas also.

In the second week of the assignment, I generated 30 tactile works using black and white thick card black and white paint and black charcoal. I preferred working with these materials because of the different things I could do with them and that helped portrayed my word. My pins also inspired my works.

The third week I created 5 3D works and hung/placed them in ways that illustrate Ascend then took 30 photographs of them. The works I have pinned to my board have influenced and inspired my 3D prototypes in what I could create and how I can present my works.

The last task we were given was to create 30 hybrid works. A combination of 2 or more of what we did previously. I created a few works combining my digital works and images of my 3D works and some combining my digital works and tactile works on the computer. My Pinterest board for this task includes a range of different types of hybrid art works for me to get inspiration from such as combinations of photographs and paint, photographs and ink and collaged images etc. in which I settled with digital and 3D and digital and tactile.

word count: 264