To be a little bit more unique and different, for my timeline I’ve split it into 3 pages (4th is the reference page APA style)

The first page is the dates and titles of these events of people the inspire me

The second page has got the information of these events

And finally the third page has got the “how they inspire me”

I would like to mention as a side note that its not just these events alone the inspire me but the people and their way/approach to life with dedication. These events are just minor milestones that came from them. Also although in the assignment brief it was said that some contexts could be made up as long as it was referenced and sited correctly then it was fine, despite that being said each and everyone of mine are genuine and are very true and dear to me. Without further ado…





RSA project

My project was at the New Lynn RSA. What influenced me to do my project was my interest in New Zealand History and family ties to the New Zealand war. What further intrigued me once i started my research was armistice day also known as remembrance day. I took a series of images at the RSA and chose 5 to showcase for our Studio Open Day.

Here are a few photos of my final images:

Week 4

In the forth week we made inflatables out of plastic bags relating to our shapes. My group made a combination of our shapes we were a group of 3 there was a line and mine which was a square so we cut the plastic bags into squares then attached them together which made an inflatable line.

self directed task:

My audio file is on youtube as: https://youtu.be/fsLw01_B7jo

The audio and cover was created by me

The smell and taste that would go with this would be the smell of Vanilla and the taste of Vanilla and Hot chocolate to give off that Autumn vibe

Walking through the autumn leaves as the wind blows around you and under your feet you hear the crunch of leaves and the smell of Vanilla when you take a sip of your Vanilla Hot Chocolate drink.


In moving shapes we worked with storyboards and stop motion. This class taught me about frames, storyboards/planning, Stop motion, the difference between shooting objects compared to people and importance of Raw images compared to normal JPEG images, colour correction, and file management.

Moving Shapes was taught by Carsten and Peete. In class, we were being taught about frames per second which are abbreviated to fps which is something I didn’t understand and didn’t know how I could apply it to my creative career pathway. This is something I now understood and I could apply this videography and photography.

We were also taught about planning our stop-motion animation with lego pieces using storyboards. Creating storyboards taught me about the importance of planning before shootings that when going into a photoshoot things goes as planned instead of forgetting what you first went in to take photos of/for. Admittedly I had struggled with this tasks in all areas like completion and quality of the drawing. For example to enterprising professional, creativity and design and storyworlds planning became a massive tool to have when I came to my photoshoot in the RSA for the project but it wasn’t storyboard type planning.

In Moving Image we learned stop-motion, using images taken repetitively after the object is moved bit-by-bit. This is a skill that I can use and benefit from in the future, it is something I could explore and experiment with, in wedding photography playing around with the settings capturing multiple shots pressing the shutter once and stringing them together. In this class, I also learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and about colour correction, these are skills are also something I could carry over into my photography/videography career. Expanding that into my Creativity and Design project which is photography in the New Lynn RSA I’ve applied colour correction into images and adjusting lighting levels and experimenting with black and white.

The difference and difficulties stop-motion animation and my photography project is the style of photographing. While working on the lego stop motion I found it easier yet a little complex because the pieces aren’t living and you can move them to how you want them but the complexity of it is that if you bump all the pieces by accident you have to start all over again. Taking photographs for my project was also quite easy yet challenging as well. The challenging part would have to be talking and interacting with people at the RSA in a professional manner also the few people in the images also the communication between the people and myself when explaining how I would like them to pose.
After coming back with my images I also learned the importance of resolution and understood how different RAW images are compared to normal JPEG images especially if you want to upsize and print them. I also learned a lot about how lighting can impact the scene and mood and how it plays a part in the story the pictures depict.

File management is something I learned and found to be extremely important learning this through losing important files and having to re-do tasks with a little less effort which affected my grade. This experience taught me the importance of managing my files and storage.

In shape of things, we made a lot of work around shapes and expanding in context and re-working it with different hand om crafts. I would say I enjoyed this class because of the experience of getting our hands dirty and being able to make something with our own hands and mind, but across moving shapes and shape of things I struggled to expand the new skills, tips, and tricks over Creativity and Design, Enterprise Professional and Storyworlds. I feel that the class it benefited the most would be Creativity and Design because of the fact that they are both digital based and about photography telling a story, as is my photographs the only difference is my work is just displayed as photographs rather than a stop-motion piece. The reason why I struggled to apply this class to my project is that Moving Shapes is animation based and shape of things is crafty based whereas my specialty or my creative practice is photography.

I believe by the end of these classes I learned it is ok to step out for my comfort zone more often and to explore different styles and skills and experiment different ways I can combine photography and animation, photography and the skills I learned in Moving Shapes and photography and handcrafting and DIYs.

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