Hello! Bula! Namaste! My name is Nicola Emma Flavell. I’m 18 years old and I’m going to best describe my story to you in 350 words (or more). Starting off, I was born and raised as an only child in the house until I was 5 years old then my little brother was born into this world where we continued to grow together.


I have 2 older half brothers living in Sydney, Australia. My brothers and I are half Fiji/Indian and half NZ European. Although growing up not knowing my biological family I’ve been told that my last name is from a European origin and that I inherited my last name from my great grandmother from my father’s side leaving me now the only one in my immediate family with this last name, Since I was 11 years old Mum’s been a solo parent and ever since then I’ve tried my best to help her out in all areas or any areas as I could as a young girl.


West Auckland, Kelston is where I schooled my whole educational life from St. Leonards Primary School to Kelston Intermediate to  Kelston Girls College. Interesting fact  is that my little brother and I were born in the same hospital room in Waitakere Hospital just different years and different doctors/nurses.



In my family I’m the artistic one, my skills passed down from my mum who’s also good with numbers, skills that skipped my brother and I, and she was sporty in her high school days like my little brother who is now 13 years old. I specialize in Graphic Design/ Typography but I thoroughly enjoy photography and music, I can play violin and have been playing it for 6 years now and re-drawing sketches or objects from online and making it my own by adding things I like to it. I can draw cartoon animals and other things like some cartoon characters and others.



This brings me to my last point. Pets I’m an animal lover by over my entire life time I’ve had various species enter my life and live with my family and I. I’ve owned a total of two dogs, three rabbits, two birds, fifteen kittens and two adult cats. Out of the fifteen kittens, three different litters, we kept three kittens one from each litter and the rest were given to different families. Let’s just say that my family and I stick to owning dogs and cats because other pet animals we owned died within 2-3 months of owning them.

I hoped you enjoyed reading about my story and that you found me interesting